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International Performing Artists

Gabriola Theatre Centre (Gabriola Songs Society) is proud to support local island talent develop their careers and tour off island, across Canada and globally. We are also over joyed to bring amazing international performing artists to the Isle of the Arts so that Gabriolans are able to experience their talent in theatre!

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 Melanie Teichroeb

Our Featured Local Performing Artist 

Melanie Teichroeb developed Shield Maiden on Gabriola island. We are ecstatic that she is planning her international tour to showcase her extraordinary talent. We could not be prouder to have the Gabriola Theatre Centre provide this support, and to have such an amazing playwright and performer from our Isle of the Arts share her talent abroad! We are excited to work with Melanie Teicroeb as our first local artist!

Melanie Teichroeb playwright/performer

Gabriel Nieto

Our International Performing Artist-in-Residence

Gabriel Nieto is an Indigenous Latin American Choreographer and Dancer. For the re-opening of the Gabriola Theatre Centre we were wowed by his work in progress "I DON"T HAVE MUCH TO SAY"  and his use of the land. Most recently Gabriel  led students in a fun filled and joyous exploration of different dance styles and rhythms of Latin and Afro-descendant dances based heavily on salsa from his home countries of Venezuela and Colombia. He included social dance rhythms from northern Brazil, Cuba and other Latin American countries. We look forward to more amazing classes in April and May 2024.

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